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What We Do

- Complete a comprehensive assessment and Provide treatment for acute and chronic injuries

- Provide Baseline concussion testing, treatment, and safe return to play

- provide Mindset Coaching so you can live your best life


Athletic Therapy - Clinic

Complete a comprehensive assessment and treat acute and chronic injuries.

Treatment may consist of manual therapy, modalities, cupping, and exercise prescription.

The assessment and treatment will focus on the cause, not the symptom.

Athletic Therapy - Field

Field coverage consists of providing emergency care, injury assessment and treatment and provide a safe return to play for athletes during practices and/or games.

Concussion Management

Baseline concussion testing is completed using the only FDA approved computer program as well as a sideline assessment.

Concussion treatment occurs in the clinic and may consist of oculomotor, vestibular treatment, and neck treatment.

A safe return to play will occur by going through a return to play protocol.

Mindset Coaching

Mindset Coaching gets the root of what is holding you back from living your best life. It eliminates self sabotaging behaviours, self limiting beliefs and stops the same patterns from occurring.

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